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Ada Developers Academy admissions currently opens twice yearly, admitting two cohorts of 48 students each.

The Ada program consists of six months of classroom training followed by five months in a paid, learning internship in the greater Seattle area as a software developer.

I left everything I knew—my family, friends, and home—to move to Seattle for Ada. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Brandi Wilson, Ada Graduate

Yearly Summer Cohort Dates:
Class begins in August
Internships begin in February

Yearly Winter Cohort Dates:
Class begins in February
Internships begin in August

Application Window opens ~6 months prior to cohort start

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What you'll learn

Jump Start

Whether you plan to apply to Ada or are just interested in learning more about what it’s like to code, you can get started with Ada’s online, open source, freely-available Jump Start curriculum to jump start your career in coding. It consists of online notes, worksheets and assignments developed by Ada's instructional staff.

Anyone can participate in this online learning experience. We have structured this curriculum to create a solid foundation of computing fundamentals for people at the beginning of their software development journey.

Target Student

To be successful at Ada, students need to be willing to fully immerse themselves in our training program and embrace our values of community, inclusivity, and lifelong learning. In addition to aptitude and passion, we look for students who have:

What we look for

In addition to aptitude and passion, we look for students who have:

  • Ability to think creatively, analytically and with depth about problems
  • Ability to learn, teach, and communicate under pressure and time constraints, with the grit and determination to work through obstacles
  • Ability to read a situation and identify specific human needs, with the desire to help others, as well as give and receive constructive feedback
  • Self-awareness and the willingness to ask for help
  • A strong desire to be inclusive, recognize one’s biases, and embrace vulnerability
  • Passion for working with others and to help one another succeed
  • Passion for software development, including specifics about what and why

Possible Disqualifications

While we are always looking for the best students we can find, these are some key signs that you may not currently be a good fit for Ada's program:

Underqualified for Ada: You haven’t yet tried any coding. You don’t need to be an expert coder, but you should have tried some tutorials (or Jump Start) and proven to yourself that you’re ready to devote a year to Ada and learning to code.

Overqualified for Ada: You have a major or minor in Computer Science, have attended another full time coding bootcamp, have previous work experience as a developer, or could be employable as a developer in less time than the year-long program at Ada.

Application Process


Our admissions process, outlined below, is robust because our applicant pool is so large and we want both us and you to have the opportunity to explore whether or not Ada is the right fit for your journey to becoming a software developer.

There are 3 phases in our process. You will submit an online application in Phase 1. Phase 2 and 3 are by invitation only based on our evaluation of your application.


Phase 1


You Will:

  • Analyze and report on a large set of data
  • Answer short essay questions
  • Submit a resume written in markdown

We're Looking For:

  • Demonstration of an aptitude to recognize patterns, try different paths, and conclude logical findings
  • Ability to clearly document thought process, assumptions, and conclusions
  • Grit and determination to enter Tech, including demonstration of exposure to the field and the ability to learn from your mistakes
  • Ability to learn something new and unfamiliar in order to accomplish a given task

Phase 2


You Will:

  • Complete a one-week time boxed coding challenge based on our Jump Start Curriculum
  • Participate in a short virtual technical interview

We're Looking For:

  • Ability to self-learn and apply material quickly because in Tech you will be learning everyday, forever
  • Ability to grasp the fundamentals of coding so that you are ready to hit the ground running on Day 1 of Ada
  • Ability to articulate code you have written in terms of control flow, including what you tried, why you tried it, and what worked or didn’t

Phase 3


You Will:

  • Participate in an in-person (or virtual for non-locals) panel interview

We're Looking For:

  • Passion for software development, including specifics about what and why
  • Aptitude for learning and excelling in Ada’s holistic collaborative and inclusive focused program
  • The drive and ambition to fuel completion of the Ada program

Getting Started

Start your application as soon as the application window opens. We will evaluate applications as they are submitted, though we will not finalize our acceptances until end of the admissions cycle. This is not a rolling admissions process. We will release final decisions on the same day to all applicants.

Specific dates for the current admissions cycle are available on the admissions website.

Frequently Asked Questions