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Ada Developers Academy admissions currently opens twice yearly, admitting two cohorts of 48 students each.

The Ada program consists of six months of classroom training followed by five months in a paid, learning internship in the greater Seattle area as a software developer.

I left everything I knew—my family, friends, and home—to move to Seattle for Ada. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Brandi Wilson, Ada Graduate

Yearly Summer Cohort Dates:
Class begins in August
Internships begin in February

Yearly Winter Cohort Dates:
Class begins in February
Internships begin in August

Application Window opens ~6 months prior to cohort start

Applications are currently closed.

The next application window will open in mid-August.

What you'll learn

Jump Start

If you plan to apply to Ada soon or are interested in learning more about coding, you can get started with Ada’s free, online Jump Start curriculum. Ada’s Jump Start program consists of online notes, worksheets, and assignments developed by Ada’s instructional staff.

Jump Start is available to anyone who is interested in learning how to code. The curriculum has been structured to give beginners a solid foundation in computing fundamentals.

If you are planning to apply to Ada, it is highly recommended that you complete the entire Jump Start curriculum prior to submitting your application.

Target Student

Ada Developers Academy is more than a “coding bootcamp”. To be successful at Ada, applicants must be willing to commit themselves to all aspects of the program as well as embrace our values of community, inclusivity, and lifelong learning. In addition to aptitude and passion, we look for applicants who have:

What we look for

  • Investment in social justice, diversity, and inclusion: Demonstrates a strong open-mindedness to learn and recognize one’s biases, a desire to be inclusive, and a willingness to self-advocate and advocate for others. Read about our mission here.
  • Passion for software development: Has invested time into learning about software development and improving skills, conveys excitement for projects, and demonstrates desire to grow and use skills.
  • Aptitude for learning: Ability to think creatively, analytically and with depth about problems; displays curiosity; able to self-study, leverage resources.
  • Grit: Demonstrates ability to work through obstacles despite setbacks and failure.
  • Composure under stress: Ability to adapt to changing situations, cope with stress, a willingness to ask for help and clearly communicate needs.
  • Ability to work well with others: Evidence of collaboration, teamwork, and helping others succeed; ability to give and receive constructive feedback.

Possible Disqualifications

Underqualified for Ada: You may not have tried any coding or have tried very little. While you are not expected to be an expert coder, you should have completed the Jump Start curriculum and tried other tutorials by the time you apply.

Overqualified for Ada: You have spent a significant amount of time studying Computer Science or have worked as a software developer. Examples of overqualification include, but are not limited to: having a major, minor, or Associate's degree in Computer Science; having attended another full time coding bootcamp; previous work experience as a developer.

Application Process


The application process includes 4 parts: application submission, code challenge, technical interview, in-person/virtual panel interview. All phases after the application submission are by invitation only.

Each part is designed to evaluate an applicant’s desire to enter the Tech industry, passion for Ada’s missions, and readiness to thrive in the program.


Phase 1


You Will:

  • Submit a resume
  • Answer 4-5 short essay questions
  • Analyze a larger set of data and answer questions about it

We're Looking For:

  • Ability to learn something new in order to accomplish a given task
  • Clear desire to join Ada Developers Academy that goes beyond receiving a technical education
  • Grit and determination to enter Tech
  • Demonstrated ability to persist through setbacks and learn from mistakes
  • Ability to clearly communicate thought process, assumptions, and conclusions

Phase 2


You Will:

  • Complete a one-week time boxed coding challenge based on our Jump Start curriculum
  • If your code meets our technical bar, you will be invited to participate in a short, virtual interview to further discuss your code

We're Looking For:

  • Ability to self-learn and apply material quickly
  • Demonstrated grasp of coding fundamentals to confirm your readiness to start at Ada
  • Ability to clearly discuss your code in terms of control flow and thought process

Phase 3


You Will:

  • Participate in an in-person or virtual panel interview

We're Looking For:

  • Passion for Ada’s mission and software development
  • Aptitude for learning and excelling in Ada’s collaborative and inclusive focused program
  • The drive and ambition to thrive at Ada

Getting Started

The application window opens two times per year for three weeks at a time. Specific dates for the current admissions cycle are available on the admissions website. Please join our mailing list to receive a notification when the next application window opens.

Start your application as soon as the application window opens to give yourself enough time to work through all components. We recommend drafting your application in Word or another format as you will not be able to save any progress in the application form. Once your application is complete, you can copy and paste all of your responses into the application and submit.

Admissions acceptances will not be finalized until the end of the admissions cycle, i.e. this is not a rolling admissions process.


Applications are currently closed.

The next application window will open in mid-August.


Frequently Asked Questions