Frequently Asked Questions

For Applicants

How Much Does Ada Cost?

Ada Developers Academy waives the cost of tuition to make the program accessible to the most talented students, regardless of their financial situation. By comparison, most software bootcamps charge $1000/week tuition as a base rate.

Instead, we have developed an alternate model, financed by our company partners, that allows us to provide a tuition-free program. While Ada has no tuition, going to school costs more than tuition alone.

  • During the classroom instruction period (the first 6 months), students need to make sure their cost of living expenses are fully covered.
  • During the internship phase (the last 5 months), students will receive a stipend, equivalent to minimum wage at 35 hours/week.
  • Ada also offers a low-interest loan that students can apply for to cover living expenses during the classroom period. For more information, check out Craft3's Ada Developers Academy Loan page.

Average sample cost of living expenses in Seattle, based on data from current and former Ada students:

Moving belongingsvaries
MonthlyRent (living alone)$1,200
Transportation (bus pass)$50
Total Estimated Monthly Expenses$2,300
OptionalPlane trips home for breaksvaries
Happy Hours / Self-Carevaries
Do I Need Any Supplies?

You will need a late model MacBook laptop that is updated to the most current operating system. Ada will provide textbooks and instructional materials. Capstone projects may have student expenditure, but do not require it.

Can I Apply as an International Student?

Yes, as long as you are already eligible to work in the United States when you apply. We do not sponsor student or work visas at this time.

What Will Class Be Like?

Class is every weekday from 9AM - 5PM, with holiday and vacation breaks. We assign daily homework and projects, including over holidays; anticipate 10-15 hours of study outside of the class per week.

We also ask that you participate in community events to exemplify our values of community, inclusivity, and lifelong learning.

Can I keep my job while attending Ada?

Ada is a more-than-full-time commitment (all-day class plus homework). We strongly discourage students having other engagements.

Where will class be held?

Classes are in downtown Seattle, near lots of public transportation.

What Will I Learn?

The Ada Program teaches you how to learn. Technology changes frequently, so we believe it is more important that you learn how to learn over what you learn. Currently our classroom curriculum focuses on Ruby, Rails, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript, but, in the internship, you'll be exposed to even more languages and frameworks.

Where Do Students Intern?

Ada students do their internships at Ada sponsoring companies. Past sponsors include: Amazon, Nordstrom, Expedia, Zillow, EMC Isilon, EnergySavvy, Marchex, and Moz, among others.

What Kind of Job Can I Expect?

We’ll train you on how to learn and how to be a full-stack developer, but very likely you’ll find a particular part of software development that suits you. There are lots of options and our graduates have gone on to work in many different areas of software development.

Can I Apply When The Application Window Is Closed?

No. You may only apply to Ada during an open application window. You may sign up for email notifications to learn when the application window opens next by joining our mailing list.