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Ada Developers Academy teaches full-stack web development, allowing students to choose what specialty of software development they want to pursue in their post-Ada careers. We cover HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and computer science fundamentals. The complete curriculum is online and open-source.

We focus on teaching skills that are readily transferrable from one technology stack to another, making Ada students adaptable and flexible candidates for all types of developer positions. Students have been successfully placed in internships and jobs working in Ruby, Java, Javascript, C++, C#, Objective-C and Python, among other languages and frameworks.

All of Ada's in-class lectures are recorded for students using the Panopto video platform.

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Because we don’t charge tuition and are highly selective, Ada students are exceptional. They’ve been rigorously screened for technical aptitude and likely cultural fit by engineering managers from our sponsoring companies. Historically, our admissions acceptance rate is around 8%.

Meet a few of our former students:

  • Blake Blake J Cohort 1
  • Christina Christina T Cohort 1
  • Calla Calla P Cohort 2
  • Tammy Tammy H Cohort 4

Curriculum Competencies

Writing Software

  • Ruby
  • HTML & CSS
  • Sinatra & Rails
  • Building Web APIs
  • JavaScript
  • Test-Driven Development

Being A Developer

  • Leadership & Inclusion
  • CS Fundamentals
  • Pair Programming
  • Agile Practices
  • Networking
  • Career Readiness

Capstone Projects

As a culmination of each student's classroom learning experience, they create a capstone project to showcase what they have learned thus far in the program.

Project Goals include:

  • Demonstrate self-direction, time management, and independent learning
  • Learn and implement new technologies
  • Complete a product lifecycle from conception to delivery
  • Utilize agile practices learned to assist in project completion
Screen shot of Penguin Gear List capstone project.
Capstone Project by Alice Rhomieux, Cohort 3