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Ada Developers Academy is designed to increase the number of underrepresented skilled software developers while redefining and reinventing the way we prepare individuals to be successful in information technology careers. With an intensive, inclusive, and positive learning community, we aim to directly address both the information technology labor shortage in Washington and the lack of diverse experience, thought, and background in the software industry.


Ada Developers Academy’s mission is to diversify Tech by providing women and gender diverse people the skills, experience, and community support to become professional software developers who contribute to changing the world with software.

Our Program

Our highly immersive, tuition-free program combines classroom training and a paid, learning internship to teach our students both how to write code (practical tools and computer science fundamentals) and how to be a software developer (leadership, inclusivity, and career). Our core values are building and contributing to a supportive community; creating and advocating for inclusivity; and teaching and practicing lifelong learning, all within Tech.


Students, staff, volunteers, TA's, and reps from our sponsor companies come to Ada Developers Academy with an incredible diversity of identity and experience. We strive to make Ada an inclusive, safe, and equitable space for every member of our community. We recognize and celebrate difference along many axes including, but not limited to, sexual orientation, gender identity and presentation, age, race, ethnicity, class, religion, physical appearance, ability, national origin, educational background, and parental status. All women and gender diverse* people are encouraged to apply.

*Language will vary greatly depending on the context, region, subculture, and age of the people involved - and it's constantly changing.

Here at Ada, we've chosen to use the term gender diverse to represent as large a range of gender identities as possible. We acknowledge that this vocabulary is inherently imperfect, and is continually evolving. Our community includes people who also identify as trans, non-binary, gender queer, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming.

Drawing of Ada Lovelace.

At Ada, we teach you more than How to Code. We teach you How to be a Developer

Ada Developers Academy teaches full-stack web development. Students learn Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

Students learn how to work on agile development teams, using pair programming, scrum, and test-driven development.

Ada Developers Academy is a community of people dedicated to our students success in our program and in the industry.

Meet the Team

  • Christine Martin Christine Martin Interim Executive Director
  • Alexandra Holien Alexandra Holien Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development
  • Lisa Flores Lisa Flores Director of Program Services and Operations
  • Susan Lieu Susan Lieu Marketing + Operations Interim Support
  • Sarah Ervin Valerie Horvath Program Manager, Internships & Alumni
  • Sarah Ervin Sarah Ervin Program Manager, Student Services
  • Gabriela Pinto Gabriela Pinto Program Manager, Philanthropy & Communications
  • Jane Park Jane Park Program Coordinator
  • Dan Roberts Dan Roberts Lead Instructor
  • Dee Del Rosario Dee Del Rosario Lead Instructor
  • Devin Helmgren Devin Helmgren Instructor
  • Becca Elenzi Becca Elenzil Instructor
  • Jared Maddox Jared Maddox Instructor
  • Chris McAnally Chris McAnally CS Fundamentals Instructor
  • Kaida Masaki Kaida Masaki Instructional Assistant
  • Bethany Lindsey Bethany Lindsey Director of Education

Fiscal Sponsor

Ada Developers Academy is fiscally sponsored by TSNE MissionWorks, an organization dedicated to providing management and leadership resources that help strengthen nonprofits for a deeper impact on the communities they serve. Ada was originally incubated as a project of the Technology Alliance.

Special Thanks

Ada Developers Academy would like to thank Microsoft's TEALS program for support in instructor professional development.

Microsoft Teals